BigStar employs creative strategy with design, live-action, animation, and visual effects to tell compelling stories and deliver branded content that informs, engages, and inspires.

With a team of designers, directors, and producers dedicated to forming and refining the culture of communication, BigStar forges visual content for the advertising, film, broadcast, and music video industries.

Josh Norton - Founder/Executive Creative Director
President and Executive Creative Director, Josh Norton, founded BigStar in 2004. Guided by a passion for art and technology, Josh applies his holistic creative vision across multiple channels and disciplines. He considers communication and collaboration the cornerstones to creating great work.
Katie Tricot - Executive Producer
Before joining the BigStar team, Katie Tricot was Head of Production at Joyride where she led a team of producers and artists on branding projects for a prestigious client base, including HISTORY, Lifetime, and ESPN. Previously, Katie honed her advertising chops as a producer at Superfad. Katie's approach as Executive Producer at BigStar is to develop and curate client relationships and promote BigStar's ability to create work across the commercial, broadcast, and film industries.
Steve Harper - Creative Director
Steve Harper joined BigStar as a Creative Director in 2012. He received a Masters in Art from the University of Connecticut and a Masters in Design, Imaging and Animation from NYU. He spent close to seven years as a director and designer at Blue Room (aka Joyride), where he worked on many successful network redesigns, promo campaigns, viral videos, upfront presentations and ad sales initiatives. In 2011 he received a Gold BDA in Art Direction and Design for his work on a network refresh for HISTORY. Steve enjoys salads and other lunches which he prepares himself almost every day, a feat of culinary endurance and economic discipline that baffles his co-workers and bewilders his wife.
Regina Sobel - Creative Associate
After receiving her BFA in Dance, Regina Sobel produced and directed multi-media performance installations while working as a contemporary ballet dancer. Her cross-diciplinary work led her to Berlin, Germany, where she collaborated with film artist Reynold Reynolds on his feature "The Lost." Her interest in the intersection of culturally relevant storytelling, art, and technology brought her to BigStar, where she works with documentary clients and provides conceptual support for a variety of projects.